Creating beautiful memories

I’m sitting at the corner of our couch covered in a fluffy throw while Henrik is in the kitchen fixing our last dessert of the day. It has been indeed a wonderful day full of joy, loads of laughter and delicious meals.
I was particularly looking forward to this Christmas because for the first time we got to spend it just the two of us in our first home creating beautiful memories.

I have enjoyed most of my holiday seasons with my family when I was in Kenya, but when I moved to Sweden, it wasn’t the case. I remember one Christmas that I spent on my bed just wondering if that was how life was going be abroad. It wasn’t my favourite memory to be honest, but Henrik coming into my life changed it all together. We spent last Christmas with his lovely family, playing Christmas games and eating Swedish meals which I loved! This year, I got to cook him his favourite Kenyan delicacies as he made me Swedish. I guess that gym membership in January will come handy, because we made enough food for 6 hungry men and women plus kids and dogs, yeah the cat too!

Aside from cooking and eating good food while debating on weather or not to tell our future kids about Santa Claus, we both shared presents with each other and I couldn’t be happier knowing how well Henrik knows me! Everything he got me was on point, it’s like he read my secret Santa wish list. We played our favourite games sipping champagne and making each other laugh till our heads hurts then doing it again all over again. And just when we thought it couldn’t be better, there was some fireworks action going on outside. An exact mirror of what we felt inside. Haha.

I have had many highlights this year and our Christmas together in our first home as a couple is one of them. Loved every moment that words could not express.
It is amazing how one person can come into your life and change your world completely. Thank you so much Henrik for not only being the love of my life, you are my best friend, my unofficial chef, Santa and most importantly the one person that got my back no matter what. As we head to bed, I couldn’t be more excited because tomorrow is 25th December, the official Christmas day in Kenya, meaning we get to do this all over again!
On behalf of Henrik and I, I would love to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!



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23 thoughts on “Creating beautiful memories

  1. Nyako & Chef Ochieng,

    Hellos, this is sure a great well written piece and the pics are amazing. You both look stunning and Rachel of course gets the crown for slaying her outfits. Happy New Year, keep shining. Many blessings.

  2. I thank God for you dear cousin may ur love blossom and bring more joy in your life and happiness that surpurses the one’s we shared during our kalongo longo day’s, Henrik take good care of her for me.

    1. Aww that was so sweet, Henrik saw this first and read it out loud for me, asking what Kalongo longo is. No better words to explain than the best childhood memory lol.

  3. Our Kenyan gal, the outfit though❤❤❤..the best couple, henrik & Rachel i wish you the best,may your love grow and expand each moment you live. You the best,merry chrismass!!!

  4. Marvelous Couple. Creating memories is special Mau you two always have champagne moments. Happy new year. You both look Royal in your pictures

  5. Love you guys so so much. Please Rachel keep your hairstyle most of the time like this. This is the best. Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings.

  6. My bestest ? couple in the world. Makes me want to fall in love aaww.2018 goals. Merry Christmas and happy New year Henrik and Rachel. Barikiwa

  7. Dear Henrikandrachel,
    I have so much to say but you two are a true definition that true love exists. This blog is awesome and the photo shoot to. Merry Christamas to you and more blessings i believe that 2018 will be much more bigger and better!

  8. Henrik and Rachel this post is beautifully written and expressed. The photos are gorgeous. You are a stunning couple. I’m so happy for the both of you that you have each other. You both are truly genuine people who possess beautiful souls and it shows. You guys complement each other truly. You are each other’s Yin and Yang. I really enjoy watching your vlogs and getting to see your journey and adventures together. Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and fruitful New Year!!!! Continued blessings!!!! Sending love and light to you both❤️?

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