I don’t want this to end

I have been in the bathroom for a good 45 minutes although I set my timer for 30 minutes and promised Henrik I will be done by then. Since I haven’t heard him complain yet, he must be in the man cave comparing Porsches, BMWs and Audis. I am not well informed on what exactly.

Other than spending too much time trying to straighten my nose and getting the perfect wing (FYI I never achieve this) I am also well aware that the dress I am about to wear is not so practical and it might not fit me either LOL. Oh well I bought it as my motivation to work out, then Christmas happened and now I legit feel pregnant! Not literally though.

1hr 23minutes later I am finally ready to start getting into my dress and what not. A bit of snapchatting because why not? Checking myself out on all mirrors trying to get my angles right for the night! Henrik is adjusting his perfect hair to uber perfection and constantly reminding me he is ready to go. But first the dance, let’s practice for the night! I let him take the lead as I follow his two left feet! 

It’s foggy outside with a bit of snow, quite romantic but not in favour of my fashion pick for tonight. But guess what? I am still going for it – it is Now Or Never. To my favour we have Henchel1 therefore I can carry the extra pieces of clothing and shoes that I need outside incase we have to walk after parking. That’s Sweden guys LOL.

I was so excited for this season that I got my closet ready months before, my philosophy being I’d rather be over prepared than sorry LOL! The endless parties, good food and of cause getting to be extra in all possible ways which I love. The city look great at night, I mean glowing, my dress has nothing on it (wink wink). But most importantly the love and connection that we feel with friends and loved ones, which is a big part of the holiday season. I don’t want this to end!

Remember to relax guys and have fun, forget about the calories. Gym doesn’t starts until January LOL!
Wishing you happy holidays.




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19 thoughts on “I don’t want this to end

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  2. Very classy pictures. You guys look happy and great together. Keep up your positive attitude and affection for one another.

  3. Then it all comes blends together and seals the moments.. Keep enjoying each day because each day is a blessing. Good Writing

  4. I loooove everything yaani the looks kill… Y’all rock so good together and I remember telling myself couple goals the day you talked about visionary board. Late merry Christmas and happy new 2018. Cheers

    1. Vison boards are great make sure u create one. Display it where you can see it every day. Look into the law of attraction it will help you to see life in a new light. Happy Christmas and all the best in 2018!!

    2. Thats true dear, make your vision as clear as possible and you will be surprised how accurate it manifests. Wishing you a glorious 2018. And thank you that was so sweet! xoxo

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