Lucky in Love, my greatest love.

Today is Valentine’s day.

I want to take a moment to give a shout-out to my greatest love Henrik.

Some women are lucky and I am glad I can call myself one.
I am grateful that you love me unconditionally.
I love your patience, attention to detail, cleanliness,
how you easily make me laugh.
This you are really good at.

I love how humble you are and how you treat everyone equally no matter who they are or their status in society.
Thank you for kissing my forehead when I least deserve it and for letting me win arguments even when we both know you are right.
For taking endless photos of me even though you barely get any from me. Thank you for letting me use your head as a wig mannequin or even sometimes for being my wig washer.
I appreciate that you let me read your DMs and chat with ghels sliding there lol. Y’all are cute.

Thank you for your techno-nerdity and how you use this to make our life easier.
I love that you work hard for us and treats me as your number one priority. I love the sweet little things and how you move mountains for me.
You inspire me to be great.
I am grateful that I found my soulmate.
A man I can be myself with, you make me feel beautiful even when I look my worst.

Most of all Thank you for letting me have strong opinions.
Because I have you Henrik, I have the voice to advocate for women to never settle for less than they deserve.
You are my hero.
Cant wait for you to get home, this is how I am waiting!

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3 thoughts on “Lucky in Love, my greatest love.

  1. OMG!! Rachel I am in tears and laughter from both you and Henrick comments for each other.😘 I am so moved by your expressions of love for a wonderful man like dear Henrick. I know he adores you from watching all your vlogs. He’s a wonderful person to have as soulmate and vice versa! I can see and feel the love your baby sister have for him and that’s a very very good sign in your relationship. I do wish you both all the very best in your relationship and can’t wait for the marriage and babies to follow!

    Just keep on keeping the love vibes flowing forever!! My favourite couple always!! Nuff love and blessings be with you both!

  2. Thank you babe, I love that you are not afraid to challenge and always push for the better. You’re always full of energy and care about the people around you. I love that you’re full of dreams and you’re proud of what you have achieved, like a true luo. I am proud of you too.
    I am happy to spend this adventure called life with you and see the world together.
    For the record, I’m not thrilled about being a wig washer and mannequin but if it’s not too often It’s alright.
    Love you 😘

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