Our New Years Celebration in Stockholm

I’m eating my last bite of pizza with the utmost guilt but consoling myself that my liver has seen better days than my waistline this holiday season, it couldn’t be worse hihi. While in reality, my liver and my waistline are having a fair share of it all. According to science.
Negativity aside, let me start by wishing you all a Happy New Year!
Just like Christmas Eve, Henrik and I spent New Years together. But this time we had a mini getaway in Stockholm because I wanted to experience the fireworks action in Kungsträdsgården in the city. I’ll be back to that in a moment.
Our day begun by giving myself a face-mask that happened to ignite Henrik’s interest, we ended up having nose masks together because 2017 whiteheads are not allowed in 2018 sis! Ooh the feeling of a new nose that has never encountered bad diet and what not LOL. I love that! Okay well, that’s how it felt when I took the masks off. Our dinner that followed was nothing but delicious. We were at Grill, a restaurant in Stockholm that has several rooms with different themes. We were seated in a room that was inspired by the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris. Indulged ourselves in a 4-course dinner and everything worked great together, but that lobster kept us talking all night long. Chef Ochieng even promised to try it at home. Slurrp can’t wait!

About my dress, remember the rule, remember where you heard it first.

As long it shows legs, buy it! It doesn’t have to show the entire Thighland, but if it does, even better! Rachel 2018.

This one was a Christmas present from Henrik, did I mention he knows me too good? Thank you Ochieng. I also had 2 outdoor wears. A warm one because of the weather condition outside and a fabulous one because that is how I intend to look the whole year. In addition, I had 2 pairs of shoes for the same reason. Ooh hey, my name is Rachel, the other is Extra. I carry extra pairs of eerrthang everywhere just to look extra nice. Nice to meet you. Haha. Guys, NO ONE needs this in real life but aren’t you used to me already?

Back to the fireworks. This is a major New Years tradition that is practiced all over the world although I have never been to a live action like this before. I mean I have seen fireworks during New Years but not like this! First of all, the magnitude of people that came out at night was indescribable. It was raining but that did not seem to stop anyone, neither did it to us!
10 seconds to 2018 the countdown begins, already sending out our intentions, wishes, hopes, prayers and all the possible positive outcomes for 2018, the adrenaline rush is on and of cause one or two premature fireworks action is adding to the drama. People are screaming and I cannot help myself either. Holding tight to dear Henrik as the beautiful explosion of fireworks decorate the city waterfront! It was magical. I don’t know if words or pictures that are worth thousands of words as they say could express the magic I saw that night! It was spectacular that I cannot destroy your imagination with a picture that is not even close to the reality.

We kissed as we watched the show, rain was falling on us but I couldn’t be warmer at that moment. We then went out and danced the night away. It was perfect!

I have my resolutions for 2018 that I will share in an upcoming post, look out for it. But for now, I want to wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true just as you wish and even better, but most importantly I wish you all good health, loads of love and joy. Thank you for being part of our family in 2017, I would be glad to have you in 2018.




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  1. The best thing about new years eve is eating haha. Happy new year! It’s interesting to read your blog and watch your videos!

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