Snapping back in shape after the holidays

It is about 9pm, I can feel my muscles ache from training, it is a bitter sweet sensation. Looking through the window, I can see snow flakes gently pile up on our balcony and the imagination of how cold it could be outside makes my muscles gently cramp and I love the feeling. So I grab my favourite snuggly couch throw to watch the beauty outside as I tightly grab my mug of my mulled wine mainly for the warmth but sipping it bit by bit.

 One of my resolutions this year is to be in the best possible shape I can possibly achieve. And this doesn’t just stop on a physical level. I mean emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even textually because I am handicapped in this. I will make a post on what I am doing regarding each aspect of my life. But for the sake of this post, I will stick to physical shape.

This year I made up my mind to do it, because I know it is possible. I know I am not in the worst shape, but I am tired of average when I can be better! Hence we took this session in the Kitchen, where abs are made as “they” say. See I always dreamt of having a big white kitchen then add colour inside the fridge. Lol. No seriously, for me the kitchen is the heart of a home because food brings people together, food heals. I mean there is so much to say about food than just an escape from boredom. In our household, we spend a good amount of time in the kitchen, as we all know Chef Ochieng loves his kitchen too. We cry when the onions and chilli gets brutal, laugh at my ridiculous food myths or Henrik constantly cleaning everything and joking. One internal joke we always have is salt and paper, I can’t explain but it is just too funny for us.  It won’t be internal if I explained more (burts into laughter).
All in all I have almost adjusted to his cleanliness standards and I wouldn’t want it any less. I feel so inspired to make healthy or sometimes not that healthy, hello it is 2018, whatever healthy means. It has been over 2 weeks now since New Years and I am so pleased at how much my body has been able to achieve by just adjusting a few contents in my pan and fridge. In the beginning of the year I weighed myself and I was shocked at how fast I had gained weight, 70kgs to be exact was my weight then. Partly I knew the holiday eating and drinking had done the deed, but also my lack of interest to go out as it got colder accelerated the weight gain. I remember towards the end of the year I was so stressed with school and I ate too much chocolate to keep me from crashing. Good news is I passed my exams, bad news is I had extra Rachel to deal with or let me say love.

I was not mad at all when I saw that number but I was disappointed that maybe I took it too far, all in all I knew I was going to do whatever it takes to make it right! As we speak I am 65.6kgs and I feel good! However I have noticed that I don’t feel hungry anymore and I have to remember to eat otherwise I might go the whole day without food. I personally don’t believe in starving oneself but when I came through the idea of Intermittent fasting (having shorter eating window and longer fasting, including sleep time. It is not a diet) I was like “that’s brilliant!” considering I cannot diet. So that’s what I am doing and the results are amazing. I wake up feeling light, my stomach is tight and my skin looks amazing, partly because I am hydrating even more but also I am taking my greens seriously.

Wishing you all the best with your New Years goals, I will soon share my progress with more daring pictures so get ready! Tell me your resolutions for this year and if snapping back into shape is one. Have a wonderful week.

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7 thoughts on “Snapping back in shape after the holidays

  1. Hi Rachel I’m writing to you from THE USA. I watched you and Henrik on YouTube I was watching something else and your vlog accidentally popped up. After viewing the first one I decided to see more because I immediately liked you guys,anyway on the vlog you walking through that beautiful and romantic tree-lined park it seemed that Henrik was hinting that he was ready to propose to you but your response was evasive, don’t know if you were not catching on for he seemed disappointed in how you replied when he asked you if you’re ready to make someone your husband , he then said that he was ready and looking foward to a wife. Girl you totally ignored that. Hoping you’re not afraid of marriage especially how much you expressed your undying love for Henrik. Just putting in my 2 cents.
    I’m happy for you and wished you the best.

  2. Lol @Rachel when you wrote “taking my greens seriously” I thought oh wow!! Then I scrolled, and henrick was right there, wearing a green shirt, standing next to a green bottle of champagne ha ha…. isn’t it ironic?? for clarification though, did you mean green as in vegetables, or greens, as in champagne and henrick. ? beautiful piece though ? I picked inspiration to get started on my 2018 body goals already.

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