Surprise Birthday party for Henrik

  I always look for reasons to celebrate or dress extra or just express my creativity with aesthetics. Besides, I love having excuses to eat cake and any opportunity that comes I grab and never leave any calories behind! Does that explain how excited I am for birthdays? It is a big deal to me!
The birthday we are celebrating this time is Mr. H. Stenberg! This is a day I have been looking forward to but also wishing I had more time to plan. Firstly, I threw him off by taking him out for dinner and acting like that was it so he could not suspect what was coming. But lets be honest, I know the expectations to be met from my side was high. Not because Henrik demands it but because when someone is so incredible you cannot be that person that holds back! Not me! I go all in for the people I love and Henrik has not been an exception…

Dear Henrik aka Chef Ochieng,

I am excited to celebrate your big day because you have been nothing but a dream come true in my life! Thank you for loving me the way you do, for showing me love beyond what I imagined it could possibly be. Thank you for spoiling me rotten (Giving unrealistic expectations) even days when I am a spoilt brat! Thank you for giving me reasons to laugh or ensuring constant chocolate supply on “rainy days” when jokes don’t work. Thank you for the incredible, beautiful life we have together. You work hard but never say a word or complain about it, you have achieved so much in your life that makes me very proud.  I look forward to what future holds.

But before I sign off,

This is an apology for keeping secrets from you despite the fact that that is not part of our relationship! And for kicking you out of the house despite the fact that I knew you wanted us to spend quality time together. I just needed room to plan. Loads of love.

Now I can say Happy Birthday my love!

I must admit that it is hard keeping secrets from someone you are used to updating every moment! Do you know when you are uber close to saying okay darling, I cannot hold this longer….? Yes, been there I feel your “pain sis” lol

But I am aware that part of the excitement is the “SURPRISSSSEEEEEE!!!” part, who am I to ruin it? Luckily with the help these amazing people we were able to pull of such a beautiful party for my love! We had a blast! We played fun games, good food, so much cake still have some left. Cake anyone?

But above the champagne and wine bottles popping, we shared loads of laughter and I could not be more grateful for our friends!

Thank you all amazing people.

Dear Morning after Chef Ochieng,

Thank you for helping me clean the kitchen, I love you!


That was it guys, hope you have been well and see you on my next post.



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19 thoughts on “Surprise Birthday party for Henrik

  1. The best thing about watching you guys is that you remind us the simple things in life like creating the moments and making the memories last. Love is a beautiful thing and nothing as admirable as watching two people share it so candidly. Nawapenda Chef Ochieng and Nyaluo.

  2. Sorry about the long sentences in that last post. I hate run-on sentences and I just posted several…..Argh!!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday from Orlando. It is always pleasant to spend time with my spouse watching your channel where it is always so peaceful. You two are an inspiration to us “Older” couples who are still madly in love after all these years. I hope your next twenty years together are as wonderful as our last twenty years were. God Bless you both.

  4. Love you guys. It is sometimes good to surprise your love once.May you live to enjoy every time you people stay together. Happy Birthday .

  5. This is really nice I like surprising people too but I never like to be surprised since I love being the organiser of everything. Wishing Henrik a happy birthday and to many more.

  6. This was so beautiful Rach! Happy birthday to Henrik. I cannot wait for the vlog.
    Also, i think what a cute name if you will take up Stenberg — Mrs. Stenberg

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