The Transformation-Before and After realness

Before and After. My heart and I


The longest minute it has been I know. African timing like Henrik likes to call it when it has been long and I call it a minute but here is the tea!
This summer has been historic when it comes to the degrees it was offering! I remember the last time I promised to be back with more daring photos well here we are. I not only enjoyed the sun, but also looking at myself through the camera lens. So merry Christmas people. Oooh it is too early but you know what I mean.


Today I am here to damage control before my Sister Wendy, Kaki or Henrik who are notorious for posting my embarrassing pics get in to it, well they have had the “privilege” to watch me grow and they made sure they had their cameras along to keep receipts. To be honest I am grateful they save such moments for me because….

These are my transformation pictures, not the ones that go viral online but the ones that make you humble, nostalgic, appreciative, cry, laugh, think deep about life or outright embarrassed, all at the same time.

So thank you and I hate you at the same time.

I had just discovered I was kind of cute and I could be a model lol

My bff in back in Baraton University. We slaying here!

New in Sweden Trying to figure out why I am here. In this picture I was working as a student assistant

This day I went shopping at a big mall figuring out my style  


Back in Kisumu as you can see I am ready to fight Kaki for taking this picture lol. No, he was about to leave for the UK and I loved him so much I was begging him to cancel his flight and stay.


Growing up I was always a nervous being and I see how much that has translated into my adulthood. But looking back I get an epiphany that everything is just happening at the right time and it will be well. This is a cliché but also pure wisdom that I choose to believe now.

Before I turn this into a motivational speech, today is my birthday and I couldn’t be happier to be a year older. As you can see looks like I am ready for my dirty thirties just like I am nervous just gotta wait a little longer.I had to say that just to relax lol. However, I found my purpose in life when I felt lost the most. I found love just when I was in deep pain of betrayal and heartbreak, I found peace in who I am in the midst of chaos within me. I found my waistline when I ate the most pizza and cake and I couldn’t figure out where my spanks at (Horrific) huh! But most importantly I found me in 20s and I am learning how to love her with all my heart. All these came with age and I am grateful.


I fell in love in this city Budapest.

My first friend in Sweden Min Lei. She is from China, at the time  she spoke Chinese and I did not know anything in Swedish but we manage to communicate somehow. Plus she has a son who I love so much!



Jesus take the wheel! It was the first time I met Henrik family. I had to put on my good girl costume. No, I was advised not to be extra. lol

I owe her my cernity. She saw me through it all. Thank you for saving my life Julia. 


She taught me how to dress, work out  and be a woman.

The rest is history.





Today Henrik woke me up singing happy birthday with cake and tea on a trey burning vanilla candle. Told you he is smooth. I so much look forward to the weekend when I will be extra as usual serving looks drinking champagne darling.

Until then, have a lovely week.



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